Join Us For Solve M.E. Advocacy Week!

We are so excited to announce that next year’s Solve M.E. 2023 Advocacy Week will take place both virtually and in person throughout the week of April 17th to April 22nd, 2023! 

Advocacy Week brings you together with your elected leaders providing YOU with the opportunity to advocate at the highest levels for ME/CFS, Long Covid, and post-infection diseases. Our expert team will manage, customize, and schedule your meeting requests, making it easier than ever to educate lawmakers about the issues that matter to YOU.

Next year’s Senate Day is a full-day Washington D.C. Capitol Hill experience bringing you face-to-face directly with YOUR Members of Congress and their staff. For advocates looking to participate virtually, our House Day will feature fully online Zoom meetings with your Representatives and their staff. Will you join us?

Registration is now open for both in-person and virtual Congressional meetings. 

Advocacy Week is a nationwide advocacy effort to connect people with ME/CFS, Long Covid, and associated chronic conditions; scientists; clinicians; and caregivers to share their unique stories with Congress. Your voices inform and empower our advocacy efforts as we fight to make ME/CFS, Long Covid, and other post-infection diseases better understood, diagnosable, and treatable.

No experience? No problem! We will make sure you have everything you need to conduct a successful meeting. Training will take place online and in person in early April, and recordings will be made available. We will also host Zoom office hours for specific questions and 1-on-1 support.

Learn more and register here

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