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ME/CFS & Long Covid

The most prevalent Long Covid symptoms — crippling fatigue, post-exertional malaise and cognitive dysfunction — mirror those of ME/CFS and both are post-viral illnesses. We believe that learning more about Long Covid can deepen our understanding of ME/CFS, and that what we know about ME/CFS can shed light on Long Covid — and ultimately point to treatments and cures for both, as well as other long haul diseases that share their characteristics. 

Solve M.E. embraces and supports many post-infectious chronic disease communities, such as: ME/CFS, Long Covid, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), other forms of dysautonomia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), hypermobility spectrum disorder (HSD), and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS). It has been our mission to increase federal funding dollars and research solutions that will make ME/CFS, Long Covid, and other “long haul” diseases more diagnosable, better understood, and treatable. 

We co-founded the Long COVID Alliance in February 2021, and expanded our advocacy efforts beyond ME/CFS to educate policymakers and accelerate research to address the emerging challenges facing those with ME/CFS, Long Covid and related “long haul” diseases. Solve M.E also opened Solve Together to include Long Covid and expanded our Ramsay Research Grant program to include the study of Long Covid. Both will help researchers track conditions similar to ME/CFS and other post-infectious diseases from onset, helping us to understand the effects of viral diseases on the immune system.

With our considerable research and advocacy experience, Solve M.E. has been a leader in the fight against post-infection diseases like Long Covid for nearly 40 years. In December 2021, we launched our Long Covid Initiative to strengthen our response to this emerging crisis while ensuring that progress made will benefit everyone with a “long haul” disease.

Our Progress

Secured $1.15 billion for Long Covid research and clinical trials, with $100 million for post-viral diagnostics at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Nearly $100 million in Long Covid funding introduced in Congress (H.R. 2754)

Recruited over 1,000 organizations and individuals to join the Long COVID Alliance and our efforts to #StopTheLongHaul

Collected over 1 million data points in the You + ME Registry


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Our Vision


Building new collaborations; sharing our expertise and resources with community members; health leaders; and government agencies


Advancing congressional funding, empowering patients, promoting health equity


Building a robust data repository, providing foundational resources for research, contributing insights and knowledge to the post-infection disease field


Increasing public awareness, engaging underserved communities, promoting patient voices


Join the You + ME Registry

The You + ME Registry and Biobank is a collection of patient-reported data and biological samples (e.g. blood) from people living with myalgic encephalomyelitis (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome or ME/CFS), people with Long Covid and control volunteers. A large, rich dataset gathered over time from thousands of people will drive discovery towards potential treatments and cures.

Join the You + ME Registry and Biobank to help us uncover causes and identify treatments for ME/CFS, Long Covid and other post-viral illnesses.