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How Long Until We Solve Long Covid?

What is Long Covid?

Up to 30% of Covid-19 survivors develop Long Covid, a broad range of debilitating symptoms like crippling fatigue, brain fog, severe exhaustion after mild exertion, shortness of breath, heart issues, etc. We don’t yet understand what causes Long Covid, nor do we know how to fully treat it. So, for now, Long Covid can be lifelong.

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Millions of people across the globe are suffering from #LongCovid. Watch this PSA from the Solve Long Covid Initiative and learn how you can help at solvelongcovid.org #HowLong?

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What Can I Do to Help?

The Solve Long Covid Initiative will continue to raise the question of “How Long?” to government officials, researchers, doctors and pharmaceutical companies until Long Covid is no longer. Here are four ways to get involved:

How Long Video Treatment

Spread the Word About the “How Long?” Campaign

Reinforce the need for research. Help us make our Long Covid public service announcement go viral! Share this video with your friends, family, employers, and online community.

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Support Our Work to Solve Long Covid

Fund research efforts to find treatments and cures, advocacy on Capitol Hill and our national advertising campaign to generate awareness of the disease.

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Participate in Research

Join our online study to help us identify treatments and cures for Long Covid.

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Contact Government Officials

Help us raise awareness of Long Covid's impact by using our action center to contact your elected officials. 

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The Solve Long Covid Initiative

Solve M.E., a non-profit that launched the Solve Long Covid Initiative, has served as a catalyst for critical research into post-infection diseases for decades. The global pandemic has given rise to the latest widespread post-infection disease, Long Covid. In response to this devastating health crisis, Solve M.E. has initiated important Long Covid efforts:

  • Successfully advocated on Capitol Hill for a $1.15 billion NIH grant for Long Covid research

  • Launched a national multi-media ad campaign to generate awareness

  • Co-founded the Long Covid Alliance

  • Developed the Long Covid Registry to facilitate research

  • Funded research grants to study Long Covid

Please Help Us to Continue This Effective Work

Donate now so that the answer to “How Long?” is sooner rather than later.


If you or someone you love is living with and managing Long Covid, we know you have questions. Below are links to information about some of our most commonly asked questions.

Connect with Our Online Community

Connect with other people with ME/CFS, Long Covid and other post-infection diseases; caregivers; healthcare providers; researchers and more with our Solve M.E. online communities.