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Looking Back at 2023 in ME/CFS, Long Covid, and FM: The Most, Best, Cleverest and Strangest — Health Rising, 1.3.24

AI to the Rescue? AI-Driven ME/CFS Project Unearths Clues Ahead of its Time — Health Rising, 10.21.23

Solve Appoints Kristin Jacobson as President and CEO — Health Tech World, 10.17.23

Solve Appoints Kristin Jacobson as President and Chief Executive Officer — BarChart 10.16.23

Solve Appoints Kristin Jacobson as President and Chief Executive Officer — Street Insider, 10.16.23

Solve Appoints Kristin Jacobson as President and Chief Executive Officer — The Globe And Mail, 10.16.23

The Long Covid nightmare is far from over, especially for women of color — PRISM, 9.21.23

What Long COVID investigators can learn from four decades of ME/CFS research — Science Direct, 9.7.23

Patient advocate by choice: Solve M.E.’s Oved Amitay — World Vaccine Congress, 8.18.23

A Paradigm Shift in Research for Infection-Associated Illnesses — The Century Foundation, 8.10.23

AIM ImmunoTech Announces Completion of Enrollment in Phase 2 Study Evaluating Ampligen® for the Treatment of Post-COVID Conditions — Yahoo! Finance, 8.8.23

First long COVID treatment clinical trials from NIH getting underway (Long Covid Alliance) — CBS News, 8.7.23

Solve ME 2023: Bold Initiatives, Opening New Doors, Making ME/CFS a “High Priority” Disease, and More — Health Rising, 7.28.23

What You Need to Know About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome — HealthyWomen, 7.17.23

3 Years Into Long COVID: Where Do We Go From Here? (Long Covid Alliance) — Medscape 6.29.23

Long Haul Helpers — The Montecito Journal, June 15, 2023, Vol 29 ISS 24

For covid long-haulers, the pandemic is far from over — Washington Post, 5.29.23

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? — Yahoo! News, 5.11.23

Chronic fatigue syndrome: Causes, symptoms and treatment — Live Science, 2.17.23

AIM ImmunoTech to Participate in Solve M.E. and The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) Virtual Event, “Long Covid: What Will It Take To Accelerate Therapeutic Progress?” — AIM ImmunoTech, 2.17.23

BIO’s online conference invites biotech to join in fighting long COVID — Bio.News 1.14.23

Dr Katharine Seton Receives Funding to Expand ME Research — Quadram Institute, 12.19.22

An Anchorage Doctor’s Office Has Become a Destination for Patients Whose Lives Have Been Upended by Long Covid — Anchorage Daily News, 12.30.22

How Alaska’s Healthcare Professionals Are Addressing Pain Management — Alaska Business, 12.1.22

The Challenging Struggle of Long Covid — ABC News, 11.17.22

Paying a Second Time: The Economic Consequences of Long Covid in America — Milken Institute Review, 10.31.22

Doctor Seeing an Increase in Long Covid Cases — 10WBNS, 10.25.22

A Mass Disabling Event: The Effects of Long Covid Don’t Stop at the Individual — Daily Kos, 10.19.22

COVID’s Ugly Progeny: Long COVID with Emily Taylor, Karger, 10.17.22

Mitochondria, Muscles, Microclots and New Treatment Possibilities for ME/CFS and Long Covid: the Ramsay Awards 2022 — Health Rising, 10.16.22

Longtime ME/CFS Drug Ampligen Gets Its Shot with Long Covid — Health Rising, 10.14.22

COVID’s Ugly Progeny: Long COVID. An Interview with Emily Taylor (Vice President of Advocacy and Engagement at Solve M.E.) — The Waiting Room, 10.7.22

What Is Long Covid — and How Are We Going to Solve It? — Prevention Magazine, 10.3.22

Older Workers are Struggling with a New Disability: Long Covid — Next Avenue, 9.26.22

Biden Declaring Pandemic ‘Over’ Has Experts Reeling — Daily Beast, 9.19.22

Long Covid Survivor Protest at WH — PayDay Report, 9.19.22

“Our Next National Health Disaster.’ Boosting Research into Long COVID and Chronic Fatigue — Inside Philanthropy, 8.25.22

Long COVID Mimics Other Post-Viral Conditions — WebMD, 8.24.22

Solve M.E. Launches the First Nationwide PSA Campaign to Broaden Awareness of Long Covid — Yahoo! News, 8.17.22

‘Beyond My Control’: A San Antonio Woman’s Two-Year Battle with Long COVID — San Antonio Express News, 8.17.22

Long COVID and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Have A Lot In Common — Bio IT World, 8.16.22

COVID Changed Their Lives. What Those with Long-haul Symptoms Want People to Know — inewsources, 8.11.22

“How Long?” For People with Long COVID asks Powerful National Public Service Announcement — Health Rising, 8.10.22

How Often Is Long Covid Happening? The Answer Isn’t So Easy to Find — Gizmodo, 7.14.22

COVID Finally Got Me. Will It Come For You? — Fortune, 7.12.22

Nearly Half of Workers Say Employers Don’t Adequately Support Long Covid in the Workplace — Fortune, 7.1.22

45% of Americans Aren’t Financially Prepared for Long Covid — Policy Genius, 5.24.22

What We Know About Long Covid So Far — New York Times, 5.21.22

Long Haul Voices: Long Haul Patients (Episode 1) — Journal of Health Design, 5.16.22

‘Another Unequal Burden’: Working With Long Covid — The New York Times, 5.15.22

7 Million See Covid Hang On At Length; Families Strained by Slow Recovery — Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 5.15.22

Streaming Channel Teams Up With Award-Winning Filmmaker to Debut Series About Life With Long Covid Plus Rare Disease — Yahoo!, 5.10.22

COVID Long-Haulers Struggle to Navigate Disability Insurance Benefits and Much More — AmeriDisability, 4.26.22

The threat of Long Covid Means We Can’t Pull Punches on Vaccines, Tests, and Masks — Fortune, 4.19.22

Pushing ‘Long Covid’ Sufferers Too Hard Could Cause Them to Crash — New York Times, 4.18.22

A life-changing illness —Winston Blick, Medium, 4.16.22

205,000 people in Connecticut have long COVID symptoms, advocacy group says — CT Insider, 4.10.22 

Long COVID making pandemic even longer in Minnesota — Star Tribune. 4.9.22

‘Wild West’ of Long Covid Clinics Ripe For Biden Crackdown — Bloomberg Law, 4.8.22 

Biden launches U.S. plan to help Americans struggling with long COVID — Reuters, 4.6.22

Long Covid: Nearly 7% of U.S. Adults Suffering Symptoms; Personal Financial Burden Estimated at $386 Billion — Yahoo! Finance, 4.4.22

Official U.S. Long Covid-19 Data Two Years Away, Hurts Research — Bloomberg Law, 3.21.22

Covid’s ‘Silver Lining’: Research Breakthroughs For Chronic Disease, Cancer, And The Common Flu — Kaiser Health News, 3.17.22

Major Opportunities Knock for ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Long Covid — Health Rising, 3.13.22

CT researchers validate long COVID as disabling: It’s not ‘all in your head’ — CT Insider, 3.9.22

Kaine introduces legislation to help people living with Long Covid – Augusta Free Press, 3.2.22

How to Spot the Signs of Long Covid and What to Do Next – Vox, 01.21.22

16 Tools That Make Cooking With Long COVID-19 Easier and More Joyful – Epicurious, 01.12.22

The 2021 Ramsay Awards: Leaky Brains, Healing the Gut-Brain Axis / Pathological Antibodies / Breathing Better? And More – Health Rising, 11.17.21

Could Long Covid Unlock Clues to Chronic Fatigue and Other Poorly Understood Conditions? – Washington Post, 11.08.2021

The You + ME Registry Turns 1: Is it Working? – Health Rising, 10.02.2021

The Struggle to Define Long Covid – The New Yorker, 09.20.2021

More Awareness is Needed About Long Covid –  Las Vegas Sun, 09.13.2021

For Many, Long COVID Looks a Lot Like Chronic Fatigue – Newswise, 08.31.2021

Review Highlights Similarities Between Long Covid and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome –, 08.27.2021

Delay of British Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Guidelines is a Setback for People with Long Covid – STAT, 08.24.2021

Where Exactly Does ME/CFS Research Stand in 2021? Dr. Komaroff Explains – Phoenix Rising, 08.22.2021

Are People with ME/CFS at a Greater Risk from a Coronavirus Infection? – Health Rising, 08.14.2021

Long Covid, ME/CFS, and the Need for Allyship – Medium, 08.13.2021

Long COVID Creates Uncertainty for Workers’ Compensation Claims – Fortune, 08.11.2021

How Long COVID Is Forcing a Reckoning with the Neglect of Post-Infectious Chronic Illnesses – Bill of Health, 07.20.2021

How COVID-19 Long Haulers Could Change the U.S. Disability Benefits System – TIME, 07.21.2021

Scarred by Covid, Survivors and Victims’ Families Aim to Be a Political Force – The New York Times, 07.20.2021

‘I Felt Betrayed’: How Covid Research Could Help Patients Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – The Guardian, 06.30.2021

CDC Releases Guidance on Treating COVID Long-Haulers – US News & World Report, 06.15.2021

Here’s What We Know (And Don’t Know) About Long COVID – US News & World Report, 06.04.2021

Study Suggests Long COVID is Becoming More Like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) – Health Rising, 05.19.2021

Emerging Possibilities: The You+ME Patient Registry Goes Down Under! – Health Rising, 05.14.2021

In Long COVID, Advocates Battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome See Allies, Hope – US News & World Report, 05.12.2021

CDC Expected to Release Guidance on Identifying, Managing Long COVID – US News & World Report, 05.07.2021

‘Long haul’ COVID-19 Sufferers Take a Page From AIDS/HIV Activism To Be Heard – Los Angeles Times, 04.26.2021

Novel Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Brain Stimulation Clinical Trial Begins – Health Rising, 04.22.2021

People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Are Less Likely to Reach Out For Support – Verywell Health, 04.22.2021

Doctors Scramble to Understand Long Covid, but Causes and Prognosis Are Elusive – Kaiser Health News, 04.22.2021

Beyer, Bergman announce introduction of bipartisan COVID-19 Long Haulers Act – Office of Congressman Don Beyer, 04.21.2021

Solve M.E. President Oved Amitay on the Link Between ME/CFS and Long Covid  – White House Chronicle, 04.09.2021

Study Finds ME/CFS Most Neglected Disease Relative To Its Needs  – Health Rising, 04.03.2021

Patients, Medical Community Focus on Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19 – ABC Action News, 04.01.2021

Women Are More Susceptible to Long COVID, But Will We Listen to Them? – The Guardian, 03.26.2021

Long COVID Has a Baffling Sister: ME/CFS – Inside Sources, 03.19.2021

It’s Been 365 Days Since COVID-19 Changed Me Forever – Medium, 03.15.2021

Long COVID Alliance Launched to Help Coronavirus ‘Long Haulers’ – Health Leaders, 03.12.2021

From $1.15 Billion in Long COVID Funding to ?:  Emily Taylor on What Happened and What’s Next for ME/CFS – Health Rising, 03.01.2021

A New Coalition For COVID Long-Haulers – Politico, 02.25.2021

Long-Haul COVID Cases Shed New Light on Chronic Fatigue Sufferers – The San Diego Union-Tribune, 01.26.2021

How to Recover if You Have Long-Haul COVID-19 Symptoms – Healthline, 01.11.2021

For Many COVID-19 Survivors, Another Devastating Syndrome May Follow – Next Avenue, 01.08.2021

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