Lived Experience Taskforce (LET)

The Lived Experience Task Force (LET) will serve as leadership partners with Solve M.E. This partnership will be based on the principles of meaningful community engagement where equity is our goal and expectation. LET partners — many from historically under-engaged communities — will improve our ability to deliver responsive services, programming, training and technical assistance to organizations and other partners affected by ME/CFS and Long Covid.

We are actively seeking community partners who are:

  • Partners affected by myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS); these partners can be patients or caregivers
  • Partners affected by Long Covid and associated conditions; these partners can be patients or caregivers
  • Partners from communities that have been historically economically and/or socially marginalized and are currently affected by ME/CFS or Long Covid

Heartfelt thanks to the Community Advisory Council (CAC), a previous iteration of LET, for providing guidance and recommendations on numerous Solve M.E. programs throughout the years. 

Shared Leadership

Lived experience helps to develop a deeper understanding of the conditions affecting certain populations, the solutions that are most appropriate for those impacted by the issue, and the potential harmful unintended consequences of the current and past actions taken by the existing system on the people it aims to serve. Solve intends to involve LET partners throughout the entire decision-making process, including at the conceptualization, implementation, and evaluation levels to the fullest extent possible.

LET partners receive equitable compensation for their expertise.

Members of the Solve M.E. Lived Experience Taskforce (LET)


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