Tools and Resources for People Impacted by Post-Infection Diseases

EmPOWER M.E. is a program dedicated to empowering patients and caregivers in medical and advocacy environments, giving our community tools to share our stories with impact. Driven by patient input, EmPOWER M.E. projects strive to ensure that no family ever has to learn “the hard way” on their journey with ME/CFS, Long Covid, or other post-infection diseases.

One of the cornerstones of this program is the EmPOWER M.E. Roundtable — a series that takes place during our annual Advocacy Week. Panels of patient advocates, professionals, and scientists share their expertise on topics relevant to the quality of life for people with ME/CFS, Long Covid, and their caregivers. Learn more about past events in this series below.

2024: How to Build and Work With Your Care Team

This special Advocacy Week event features expert ME/CFS and Long Covid advocates sharing tips for creating and maintaining your personal care team.

2023: Navigating the World with Energy-Limiting Disabilities

This special Advocacy Week event features expert ME/CFS and Long Covid advocates sharing tips for overcoming personal, professional, and medical challenges.

2022: State & Local Advocacy

They say “all politics is local.” What does that mean for creating change for ME/CFS and Long Covid? Watch our panel of veteran state advocates discuss the importance of local and state advocacy.

We hear about initiatives in CA, FL, MA, MD, MN, DE, and NY; learn tips for starting projects in your neck of the woods!

2021: Elevating Your Voice In Research

Patient advocates and citizen scientists shared their experiences in navigating the world of research and clinical studies and how to make your voice heard at every level of research. Participants learned how to overcome barriers to equitable access and get involved in quality research opportunities. 

Other EmPOWER M.E. Projects

EmPOWER M.E. Microgrant Program

Overseen by Lived Experience Taskforce (LET) the EmPOWER M.E. Microgrant Program funds educational, patient empowerment, and advocacy events hosted by local partners and individuals. The goal is to bring key resources to frontline healthcare providers and people with ME/CFS. To learn more and submit a proposal, contact us.

Suggestions for EmPOWER M.E.

Do you have a topic or project idea for the EmPOWER M.E. program? We want to hear from you!

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