The Solve ME/CFS Initiative (Solve M.E.) is a non-profit organization that serves as a catalyst for critical research into diagnostics, treatments, and cures for myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), Long Covid and other post-infection diseases. Our work with the scientific, medical, and pharmaceutical communities, advocacy with government agencies, and alliances with patient groups around the world is laying the foundation for breakthroughs that can improve the lives of millions who suffer from various “long haul” diseases.

Founded in 1987 and incorporated in North Carolina in 1990 as The Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) Association of America, Solve M.E. relocated to Los Angeles, CA and officially changed our name in 2014.


Our Vision:

A world that is free of ME/CFS and other post-infection diseases.

Our Mission:

Make ME/CFS and other post-infection diseases widely understood, diagnosable, and treatable.

Our Core Values:

To lead with integrity, innovation and purpose.

Our Online Community:


Our Work

Filling Knowledge Gaps Through Original Research
Solve M.E. designs and invests in innovative scientific studies to address severe knowledge gaps in ME/ CFS. Priority areas include the fields of bioenergetics, neuroendocrine biology, and inflammation and immunity. Our partners in these pursuits are leading experts in the field of ME/CFS. Solve M.E. has developed a portfolio of investments at some of the most prestigious medical centers and research laboratories in the United States and abroad.

Establishing a Patient Scientist Partnership Program for Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Applications
This program facilitates patient participation in decision-making and defining research priorities.

Investing in Innovative Ideas Around the World: The Ramsay Grant Program
This international program creates environments to attract, support and retain talent in the ME/CFS research community and helps awardees generate relevant data to compete for long-term federal funding, and facilitates collaboration and cross-pollination among researchers through the sharing of resources and access to additional programming and the organization’s network.

Creating Reliable Electronic Record Systems, Data Management Platforms, Biobanking and Patient Registries
The You + ME Registry is an online clinical study of individuals committed to identifying a cure for ME/CFS, long-COVID and other post-viral illnesses. The community is made up of people with ME/CFS, people with long-term symptoms of COVID-19 and control volunteers collectively providing the research community with critical insight into the lived experience and genetics of ME/CFS, long-COVID and other post-viral illnesses.

Leading Conferences, Symposiums and Think Tanks
Our think tanks attract the top minds in clinical care and research as well as leaders from federal health agencies, who collaborate on key issues facing ME/CFS. In addition to Solve M.E.-hosted events, Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Sadie Whittaker and members of our Research Advisory Council also participate and lead panels at the most prominent international medical conferences.

Advancing Medical Education
Solve M.E. is the trusted source for up-to-date medical information, current research, and policy development. We debunk fallacies and restore the narrative through documentation, data and evidence-based presentations. We also lead public medical webinars and educational teleconference meetings that feature influencers in science, medicine, and policy, and publish scholarly articles in prestigious medical publications.

Partnering with Medical Agencies and Government Organizations
Solve M.E. is a partner with key medical agencies and government organizations that include the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to influence the narrative, advocate for research funding, nurture promising findings, and articulate effective data-driven policies and solutions.

Driving Advocacy
Solve M.E. acts as an agent for change and unity in the ME/CFS community by focusing our efforts in advocating for policies, funding, and action. We meet with senior government officials, medical and industry leaders, and scientific pioneers; only a strong and multi-faceted coalition of stakeholders will effect change at the federal level. Solve M.E. authors dozens of opinion and technical pieces addressing current ME/CFS affairs across the science, research, and policy landscapes. Also, we debunk fallacies and misinformation.

Help us Solve ME/CFS

Solve ME/CFS Initiative relies on the generous support of patients, family members, and friends to sustain our important work. When you support us, you stand united with thousands of like-minded people who understand the devastation of this disease.

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The Solve ME/CFS Initiative is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. We are fueled by gifts large and small, from people just like you.