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Watch now! “Long Covid: What Will it Take to Accelerate Therapeutic Progress?”

Solve M.E. and BIO co-hosted a timely and informative event examining the emerging research in Long Covid and the existing body of data in other post-infection diseases such as ME/CFS. Speakers included Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA), Lisa McCorkell, M.P.P., David Putrino, Ph.D., Akiko Iwasaki, Ph.D., and many more. The event was designed to bring biotech into the conversation about Long Covid and other post-infection diseases and was well-attended by industry drug-developer, academic researchers, healthcare providers, patient advocates, and policymakers. 

Watch the event recordings below.

Solve M.E. Oved Amitay has noted, ”Patients are extremely engaged. There is a strong government commitment, a major National Institutes of Health (NIH) initiative, and academic researchers all over the world who are very interested. But there is a need for industry, for biotech, to lead, and for pharma to take an interest, and for all the stakeholders to get involved.” 

While current research has explained much about how Long Covid works, not enough has been done to uncover treatments. More private-public collaborations are needed, and biotech and pharma must get into this space.

Much of the ME/CFS and post-infection disease knowledge that has been gained over the years could help unlock understanding of Long Covid. Renewed interest because of Long Covid could help those who’ve suffered from these diseases prior to COVID-19. Events like this can help to engage drug developers and evaluate how their platforms and approaches could be deployed in this direction.

Stay tuned for more information on additional upcoming Solve/BIO events.

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