Kevin Timms, PhD, Joins Ramsay Researchers Class of 2022!

We’re excited to share that Kevin Timms, PhD, is joining our Ramsay Class of 2022! 

Solve’s Ramsay Research Grant Program attracts new scientists to the field of ME/CFS and Long Covid, providing much-needed financial support for researchers to make advances and build pilot data for innovative research studies. Kevin, like many others in the program, is brand new to this disease research space. 

His project, “Enriching the You + ME Registry: Exploring Access-to-care and Other Real World Data” focuses on patient data collected in Solve’s You + ME Registry. It aims to enrich registry data with external geographic, socioeconomic, and other nonclinical variables to offer researchers a tool for hypothesis testing of how certain social circumstances affect ME/CFS and Long Covid patient outcomes. 

These efforts could potentially help researchers use real world data to account for the socioeconomic situation of participants and improve diversity and equity in their platforms. This, in turn, helps researchers understand patient populations better and help organizations like Solve reach patients who are not captured in our (and other) real world data platforms.

Having worked with electronic medical records, drug discovery data, healthcare claims, and more, Kevin is passionate about using interdisciplinary and data-driven creative thinking in the healthcare analytics space to help improve outcomes.

Learn more about his research project here.

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