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Together, We’re Sponsoring an Historic ME/CFS Legislation!

Four Years of Advocacy has paid off! We’re Proud to have Authored and Initiated the First Ever Legislation for ME/CFS Research Funding, H.R. 7057, The Understanding COVID-19 Subsets and ME/CFS Act

Earlier this week, longtime ME/CFS champion Representative Jaime Raskin of Maryland’s 8th Congressional district introduced landmark legislation for ME/CFS research.

This landmark legislation authorizes $60 million over the next four years to expand NIH research into post-viral ME/CFS and also empowers the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to provide for public awareness and education campaigns to increase understanding of ME/CFS, with an emphasis on early diagnosis. Additionally, the legislation includes mandatory reports to Congress on the progress of implementing the expanded research program.

It is, truly, only thanks to our supporters’ generous donations and your hard work during our largest ME/CFS Advocacy Day ever, that we were able to work closely with both Senator Ed Markey and Representative Jamie Raskin to draft vital NIH programming priorities to meet needs of the ME/CFS field including:

  • New ME/CFS disease-specific funding announcements to deliver needed diagnostics and treatments faster
  • An initiative to reach consensus on the ME/CFS case definition
  • Mechanisms to incentivize new and early career researchers to enter the field
  • Data Collection including epidemiological information, natural history, risk factors, comorbid conditions, and the availability of medical services for individuals with ME/CFS and their families
  • Establishing new and expanding existing Collaborative Research Centers
  • Developing a research agenda in collaboration with interagency partners, stakeholders and disease experts
  • Expanding public and medical education initiatives focusing on early diagnosis and appropriate treatment recommendations

You can still support these efforts and make your gift go further, but time is running out! We need 750 people to give in any amount by June 15. That’s only four more days! When you give, we will receive $100,000 for our fiscal-year-end campaign and EACH DONATION WILL BE QUADRUPLED!


You Can Make an Enormous Difference in Our Fight Against ME/CFS

When you give today, not only will your gift be quadrupledbut you will be helping us meet our goal to secure 750 gifts by June 15.  Your gift will support critical work across all of our programs, including our relentless advocacy work.

Your donation – large or small – will go toward meeting this 750-gift challenge and help us create change through critically needed legislation. Please give today!

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