SENATE Advocacy Action: $60m for ME/CFS Research


Thanks to your hard work during ME/CFS Advocacy Week, the U.S. Senate is currently circulating our request to include ME/CFS research funding in the next COVID-19 package.

Ask your Senator to sign-on to this effort today!

Our champion, Senator Ed Markey, is leading our initiative to include ME/CFS research funding in future COVID-19 response legislation. If successful, this request would bolster ME/CFS research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) by including an additional $60 million for expanded research opportunities looking at connections between ME/CFS and COVID-19 survivors.

ME/CFS epidemics have historically followed viral outbreaks and experts are estimating significant surges in ME/CFS cases following the COVID-19 pandemic. It is essential that as many Senators as possible join this action in a united voice to call for increased funding for post-viral-disease research into ME/CFS.

Please contact your Senators TODAY and ask them to ask them to sign-on to this effort.



Don’t forget, a group of anonymous donors issued a challenge we must meet by June 15th to fuel our fight to raise $500,000.

COVID-19 is creating widespread hardship, but also an opportunity for scientific discovery. Many health experts, including Dr. Mady Hornig from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and Dr. Tony Komaroff from Harvard University, anticipate significant increases in the number of people who suffer from ME/CFS due to COVID-19 and post viral syndrome.

Solve ME is leveraging our robust scientific tools and researcher networks, especially the You + M.E. Registry, to collect data and find answers. The pandemic creates a historic opportunity to study the viral onset of ME/CFS, experienced by up to 80% of our ME/CFS community. Our Congressional Advocacy efforts (like the action above) seek to expedite and expand ME/CFS research funding through COVID-19 related legislation.

Even ONE more day without a cure, without answers, is one day too many. Help us find answers and end the suffering caused by ME/CFS by helping us meet our $500,000 goal.