Solve Ramsay Grant Scientists Among Those Awarded Nearly $5 Million for Biomedical Research

This week the Patient-Led Research Collaborative (PLRC) announced $4.8 million in biomedical research awards for Long Covid and associated conditions. Nine research projects in Long Covid, ME/CFS, dysautonomia, and associated conditions will study “many investigative paths, including microclots, spinal-structural abnormalities, immunologic dysfunction, microbiome changes, mechanisms of sleep dysfunction, computational drug repurposing, and a clinical trial of a promising and widely available drug.” 

It takes a village…this is exciting news for the entire community. Solve M.E. is cheering for all awardees, and is proud of the researchers who received early funding from our Ramsay Research Grant program, including:

This announcement of funding to multiple scientists in this research network is evidence that the Ramsay Grant program continues to fulfill its main objectives, which are:

  • Provide seed funding for innovative projects that will generate data to facilitate applications for larger grants
  • Attract researchers to the field of ME/CFS and Long Covid and ensure they stay engaged
  • Add to the cumulative, scientific knowledge

Since the program launched in 2016, Solve M.E. has invested over $1.3 million in Ramsay Grants, which in turn helped researchers receive over $8 million in additional research funding — a 8X return on the investment.  With the addition of this new funding from PLRC, that ROI continues to grow.

Congratulations to our Ramsay researchers and to all of the PLRC grant winners. The discoveries made as a result of this investment is certain to benefit the broader community of people with post-infection diseases. 

Through your donations, we’re funding new, global research projects in order to discover treatments and cures for patients as quickly as possible. Please consider supporting our Ramsay Grants and other patient-centered programs by making a gift to Solve today. 

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