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Solve M.E. partners with UCLA to expand ME/CFS research

New funding from Solve M.E. opens up ME/CFS research opportunity at UCLA

Solve M.E. is partnering with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Iris Cantor Women’s Health Center to issue an ME/CFS-specific funding announcement through their Annual Health Pilot Program. This is an opportunity to engage a research network that has successfully funded a range of bench, pre-clinical, clinical and public health research into issues that uniquely impact women. They have a demonstrated record obtaining large National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants as follow-on to the pilot projects – approximately $27 million return on investment for $1 million invested.

More broadly, this also opens up partnership with a major research and health hub within the prestigious University of California network. Funding a ME/CFS study through the Center will help elevate it to an area of interest and message to UCLA researchers – particularly early-career stage investigators – that it’s a worthy and viable career focus.

These strategic imperatives reflect the pillars of the Solve M.E. Ramsay Grant Program, including bringing new researchers to study ME/CFS and leveraging small pilot projects to obtain larger grant dollars. But it does so in a new venue and through an impactful funding stream at UCLA.

Solve M.E. Chief Scientific Officer Sadie Whittaker remarked, “We are excited about this partnership and the possibilities of expanding the ME/CFS workforce within the UCLA system; we are also confident that this partnership will help increase awareness of ME/CFS and open up conversations about how ME/CFS is diagnosed within the UCLA Health System.”

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