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Members of Congress Come Together to Stand for ME/CFS

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This week, Solve M.E. staff and Board of Directors traveled to Washington D.C. and got results!

Congresswomen Ana Eshoo and Zoe Lofgren are leading other members of congress in a letter and appropriations request for ME/CFS. Read the full letter and committee report language here. These two congresswomen are going out of a limb to support the ME/CFS community, and we need, in turn to support them by urging each of our own representatives to join Eshoo and Lofgren. This is a unique opportunity to get results in Congress. But we must all act quickly.

In brief, the proposed effort:

(1) Supports continuation of the $5.4 million ME/CFS funding for the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC),

(2) Encourages CDC to resolve ME/CFS case definition issue,

(3) Encourages CDC to expand its efforts to educate health care providers,

(4) Recommends that NIH create a strategic plan for ME/CFS research and increase the amount and types of funding,

(5) Urges the Department of Health and Human Services to write a multi-year strategic plan.

The sign-on letter states that the increases in NIH’s budget affords NIH the opportunity and ability to increase funding to reflect the ME/CFS disease burden.

This action is a joint effort between Solve M.E. and #MEAction.

Read more at our Past Advocacy Actions page.

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