Studying the Connection Between ME/CFS, Multiple Sclerosis and Epstein-Barr Virus

A landmark study published in Science found Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) as the leading cause of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Given the already-established connection between EBV and ME/CFS, this study may have implications for the basic understanding of these diseases.

Unrelated to this publication, but still very timely, Moderna announced the initiation of a Phase 1 study of an Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) Candidate Vaccine, using the same mRNA technology as in their highly effective COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccination could be the way to prevent both ME/CFS and Multiple Sclerosis and get us closer to a world free of ME/CFS.

Solve M.E. President and CEO Oved Amitay remarked, “Solve M.E. has been closely monitoring EBV vaccine research as a potential strategy to prevent future cases of ME/CFS. Currently, we estimate that EBV is the largest trigger of ME/CFS, second only to SARS-CoV-2.  We are hopeful that these recent publications will pave the way for a future where new ME/CFS cases are no longer caused by EBV.”

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Ampligen: A General Overview and the Plan for ME/CFS & Long Covid

For the second installment in our clinical diagnostics and treatments webinar series, Solve M.E. welcomes two leaders from bio-pharma company AIM ImmunoTech to discuss their plans for clinical studies of their investigational drug Ampligen, in ME/CFS and Long Covid.

Solve Spotlight: Writer Nadine Sander-Green in Conversation with Joe Komsky

We’re excited to introduce a new series: Solve Spotlight, in which we connect with members of our community to share their experiences with ME/CFS, Long Covid, and other post-infection diseases. Our first installment will feature writer Nadine Sander-Green as she discusses the impact of ME/CFS on her life, and the importance of accurate, nuanced storytelling.

Using Data Analysis to Study ME/CFS and Long Covid

We expanded our Ramsay Grant Program in 2021 by launching the new Stupski Awards, which support research using data from the Registry. The next webinar in this series features 2021 Stupski Award recipient Jennifer Stone, PhD, who will discuss her research and answer your questions. 

Watch Now: Long Covid: Research, Policy and Economic Impact

As part of our efforts with the Solve Long Covid Initiative, we partnered with the Global Interdependence Center on a year-long webinar and conference series exploring the pandemic’s long-term healthcare, policy, and economic impact. We’re bringing together world-class immunologists, medical experts, policymakers, and economists to explore critical insights into defining, diagnosing, optimizing treatments, and healthcare policies for Long Covid and post-infection diseases based on analyses of their impact on U.S. and global labor markets. 

Autoimmune Encephalopathy Secondary to Infectious Disease: A New Perspective on the Pathogenetic Interaction of the Immune System, Infection, Stress and Chronic Disease

Solve M.E. will host a virtual booth February 9-11, 2022 during a landmark leadership conference sponsored by Georgetown University and The Foundation for Total Recovery. The conference will feature distinguished specialists from around the world, and will offer a rethink of how to approach, examine, and treat ME/CFS, neuropsychiatric disorders, PANS/PANDAS, chronic Lyme, fibromyalgia, and Long Covid.

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