Solve M.E. Announces Inaugural 2020 Community Advisory Council (CAC)

Solve M.E. is  proud to announce that our inaugural 2020 Community Advisory Council (CAC) will join the growing list of Solve M.E. programs dedicated to ME/CFS advocacy, education, and engagement. Developed with the assistance of people with ME/CFS and other ME/CFS organization leaders, the CAC creates a new channel for sharing the information that matters most to our community.

We know that the ME/CFS community includes many individuals who are incredibly knowledgeable about the disease and have accumulated years of wisdom and experience in the fight against it. With the creation of the CAC, community members now have a formal way to share their valuable ideas and insights with Solve M.E. and help shape our strategy to help build better lives for people with ME/CFS.

Solve M.E. is calling for nominations for individuals to serve as inaugural members of the CAC. Those selected for the inaugural period of 2020-2022 will play a crucial role in promoting greater communication and collaboration between Solve M.E. and the broader ME/CFS community.

CAC membership is open to anyone by nomination (including self-nomination) and is especially encouraged for people with ME/CFS, caregivers and family, advocates, academic partners, and public health professionals.

To learn more about the CAC or to submit a nomination for the inaugural class of CAC members, please visit


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