“Metabolic Analysis Of B-cell Maturation In ME/CFS”
PI: Geraldine (Jo) Cambridge, PhD
University College London (UCL)

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“Metabolic Analysis Of B-cell Maturation In ME/CFS”
PI: Geraldine (Jo) Cambridge, PhD
University College London (UCL)


Jo Cambridge (PhD), Fane Mensah, a PhD candidate at UCL, and Chris Armstrong (PhD), a metabolomics expert at University of Melbourne, investigated how metabolic activities in B cells, a type of white blood cell, differ in individuals with ME/CFS as compared to healthy controls. The team established an experimental setting to follow up on their novel finding of increased CD24, a cell surface molecule on B cells in the immune system, in patients with ME/CFS. The researchers published findings that CD24-expressing B cells were more abundant in ME/CFS patients compared to controls in the study and these cells were more prone to die rapidly upon exposure to an immunologic challenge. The results suggest that B cell CD24 expression is associated with energy metabolism throughout differentiation.

Major Ramsay goals fulfilled:

✓ Added to the cumulative, scientific knowledge. The study “CD24 Expression and B Cell Maturation Shows a Novel Link With Energy Metabolism: Potential Implications for Patients With Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” was published in Frontiers in Immunology. Read it here   

✓ Keeping researchers engaged in the field. SMCI provided extension funding to support a project led by Fane Mensah to apply the team’s experimental method to an expanded pool of samples. Read the announcement here

✓ Researchers as advocates. With support from SMCI, Fane Mensah traveled to Melbourne to work collaboratively with Dr. Armstrong. While there, the researchers met with members of parliament to discuss ME/CFS. Learn more here

Pictured: Fane Mensah (l) Chris Armstrong (r)

Read the research team’s study abstract here
Read an interview with co-Investigator Fane Mensah here

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