NIH Awards $9.5M Grant to Study ME/CFS

The Cornell Center for Enervating Neuroimmune Disease has received a five-year grant of nearly $10 million from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, enriching the Center’s goal of identifying the biological basis and developing treatments for ME/CFS. 

Congratulations to this team of researchers, led by Maureen Hanson, PhD, a Solve M.E. Research Advisory Council member — also co-principal of the grant. Solve provided a letter of support as part of Dr. Hanson’s grant submission, and is committed to working with this team to help enhance patient engagement and recruit participants for the study. 

“What is desperately needed in ME/CFS are effective treatments that not only improve certain symptoms but actually ameliorate the whole disease, so that people can get their lives back,” said Dr. Hanson in a release for the Cornell Chronicle

According to the release, the center’s work has already identified molecular changes that occur in individuals with ME/CFS. Now, the team is focused on improving our understanding of these changes, and their impact, and moving the field toward a cure. 

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