ME/CFS Advocacy Week Continues: Can You Hear M.E. Now?

Can you hear M.E. Now? Call Congress Today!



We connected with over 47% of congress yesterday. But we’re not done yet! Today we’re focusing on phone calls to DC offices. Use the D.C. Remote Advocate kit to help you make your message *RING* true. Today, you can support our call for $60m of new funding for ME/CFS research by taking the following actions:



1. Call Your Members of Congress

(Total time: about 10 mins)
Your call will only take 2-3 minutes each, where you will either speak with a staff member or leave a voicemail. Each call and voicemail are tallied up and provided to your Member of Congress! The more calls, the better.

We want to flood Congress with calls during ME/CFS Advocacy Week, especially on our dedicated “Can you hear M.E. now?” action on Thursday, April 23.
If you have the energy, you should make THREE phone calls:

  1. Your 1st Senator
  2. Your 2nd Senator
  3. Your Representative

Click here for a script to use in your calls to Congress.

Click here to your Representative’s and Senator’s phone or fax number.

2. Post To Social Media

(Total time: about 10 mins)
Social media is a great way to promote the Solve ME/CFS Advocacy Day. Follow the link here for 1-click direct share on Twitter and you can download versions to share on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

3. Send an Email to Your Representative and Senators

(Total time: about 10 mins)
Increasingly, there are reports of COVID-19 survivors who aren’t getting better. Fever. Brain Fog. Joint pain. A body made out of lead. Feeling like a dead battery. A story that people with ME/CFS recognize and know intimately. Solve M.E. is calling for immediate response measures for ME/CFS in the next COVID-19 response package. We are recommending $60m to be authorized for NIH post-viral neuroimmune research, specifically focusing on ME/CFS and COVID-19.

We need your voice to urge Congress to authorize $60 million for NIH post-viral neuroimmune research, specifically focusing on ME/CFS and COVID-19.

Send your message to Congress by clicking here

4. Tweet at Your Representative and Senators

(Total time: less than 5 mins)
Send a tweet on tagging your Members of Congress and tell them why they need to support ME/CFS. Not sure who your Members of Congress are, or how to tag them on Twitter? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Fill out the webform to get started and we’ll customize Twitter posts for you!

Get your customized Twitter posts by filling out the webform here

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