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A Personal Message from Solve CEO Oved Amitay

Dear friends,

In February of 2020, I made my commitment to join Solve, and soon thereafter the global COVID-19 pandemic came upon us. We all had to make major adjustments and I’m proud that Solve was one of the first organizations to step up and act, partner with Long Covid patient advocates and researchers to highlight the connection between ME/CFS and Long Covid, and to help both communities. I believe that Solve is now well positioned to provide leadership in the quest for better solutions to these growing unmet needs.

More than three years after joining Solve, reflecting on this critical moment, I now feel that it is time for me to make some changes. In the months ahead, I’ll be stepping down from my role as President and CEO.

I have been personally encouraged by the research driven by COVID-19 into the biological basis of these conditions, confirming many notions we’ve had about ME/CFS. These new insights are creating new opportunities that can get us closer to finding solutions, and I have renewed excitement to leverage my experience to help advance diagnostics and therapeutics — areas where I can best use my skill set and connections, serving the community and Solve in a different role. I will also dedicate more time to emerging needs within my family.

I am thankful to Solve’s Board for accommodating my decision and immediately starting a national search for a successor. I will remain in my current position until a new leader is identified, ensuring a productive transition.

In the meantime, nothing changes. I maintain all my organizational duties, engagements, and collaborations. There is work ahead of us, and my commitment is unwavering.

Leading Solve on behalf of our community during this challenging time was a privilege that changed me forever. But, Solve is not about one individual. It’s the dedicated staff, Board, and above all you who support us and the community we serve, who make our work possible.

I am grateful to all of you for your friendship and support, and no doubt you’ll continue to see me around.

With my heartfelt regards,

Oved Amitay,
President & CEO Solve M.E.

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