Thank you! Your support fuels big plans!

What a way to close out 2022! We are so grateful for your generosity throughout the year, and especially during our recent year-end campaign. Thank you for helping us surpass our million dollar match total and to serve the millions of Americans afflicted with ME/CFS, Long Covid, and other post-infection diseases!

Together, we are transforming research into reality.

Your donations, alongside contributions from our incredibly committed board of directors, support our relentless efforts to discover treatments for patients as quickly as possible. In the new year, your generosity will allow us to grow and transform the following initiatives: 

  • Research
    • The Ramsay Research Grant Program is a critical funding mechanism for leading-edge scientists and researchers who are either new to our field or testing new ideas- before they are eligible for other awards, such as NIH grants. Because we are committed to finding solutions, our Ramsay program will begin to fund more projects more frequently. This would not be possible without your generous support.
    • Our ambitious You + ME Registry — an ME/CFS and Long Covid database that could help accelerate the search for a cure — has already reached nearly 7,000 participants! This year, we’re excited to begin transforming the Registry into a more seamless platform for patients and researchers that could be used to recruit for clinical studies. Among the improvements will be the ability to integrate registry data with other information like smart watches and electronic medical records.
  • Advocacy
    • Building on our commitment to bring the crucial voices from our community into the leadership and decision-making at Solve M.E., we recently launched our new Lived Experienced Task Force (LET)! LET will serve as leadership partners, be based on the principles of meaningful community engagement where equity is our goal and expectation. LET partners — many from historically under-engaged communities — will improve our ability to deliver responsive services, programming, training and technical assistance to organizations and other partners affected by ME/CFS, Long Covid and other associated conditions.
    •  This commitment to centering the voices of our community members also extends to our Long Covid Patient Leader Advancement Network (LC-PLAN), a groundbreaking program designed to bridge the gap between Long Covid research and patient needs.  Supported by a grant from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), Solve will train a network of patient leaders, scientists and other stakeholders with diverse backgrounds to enhance patient engagement in Long Covid research — providing urgently-needed guidance on achieving patient-centered research in the Long Covid field, as well as helping to empower communities in other related fields. 

Your support makes this work possible. We’re working tirelessly to leverage your investment into bigger gains in cures and treatment. With your help, we are helping those struggling with ME/CFS, Long Covid, and other post-infection diseases find solutions.

On behalf of everyone in our community — patients, caregivers, researchers, advocates, and staff — thank you for your generous support.

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