Solve’s New CEO Addresses Community

Dear Solve community,

It is with excitement and enthusiasm that I take the helm of Solve at such a critical inflection point for the organization and our disease category. 

I’m privileged to have been a member of Solve’s Board of Directors before I was selected as Solve’s new President and CEO. I’ve witnessed this organization’s dedication to you, our community, and feel much optimism as I’m charged with building on these efforts. 

Solve has been a leader in the ME/CFS disease space for over three decades, and we’re seeing the labor of this organization’s efforts in advocacy, research, and awareness increasingly bear fruit. Our community has grown exponentially with the inclusion of Long Covid, Chronic Lyme, and other post-infection diseases wreaking havoc on patients’ lives. So too has the need to better understand how to improve the lives of all individuals experiencing various manifestations of these devastating conditions. Our shared family of patients all stands to win when we combine our voices and demand to be valued, cared for, recognized, and invested in. 

I have spent my career bringing attention, focus, and health access to underserved patient populations. Health equity and health access are my guiding principles, and I have fought especially hard to reach marginalized communities, communities of color, and socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. 

Together with our Chief Scientific Officer, H. Timothy Hsiao, Ph.D., I look forward to deepening our influence and forging new relationships with medical and scientific communities, and biotechnology and healthcare industries. These collaborations will empower research and development into these diseases, inspiring greater investment in effective treatments and cures.

We are poised to soon make incredible gains for our community, and I am deeply committed to improving quality of life and achieving symptom relief for all individuals suffering. Together, we can remove the invisibility and isolation of the patient experience and speak together in one united voice to catalyze change. 

With hope,

Solve President & CEO

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