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Solve Together launches today!

We are excited to launch our new patient-centered data platform, Solve Together!

Solve Together brings extensive advantages to the patient community and researchers. The platform is fully accessible by smartphone and will allow participants to track symptoms, connect wearables (Fitbit, Apple Watch), download reports for doctor visits, link electronic health records, and expend less time and energy on participation through short, infrequent surveys and passive data collection.

For decades, Solve has been committed to advancing research into post-viral and fatigue-related illnesses, and empowering patients to participate in that work. By joining Solve Together today, you can help accelerate that progress toward precise diagnostics, treatments, and one day, a cure for ME/CFS, Long Covid, and other post-infectious diseases.

Register at the link below and consult our Quick Start Guide for step-by-step support on getting started.

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For more information about Solve Together and joining, click here.

For more information about Solve Together and joining, click here.

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