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Solve M.E. Experts Join National Media Tour to Raise Awareness of Long Covid, ME/CFS, and Post-Infection Diseases

Last week, two standout members of our community — Dr. Peter Rowe and Cynthia Adinig — participated in a satellite media tour (SMT) with 27 different TV and radio stations broadcasting to local audiences all over the United States. 

To date, the interviews have aired to an audience of nearly 5 million, with that number expected to increase as several were recorded for airing or re-airing at a later date.

Local stations are important conveyors of information about the connection between Long Covid and ME/CFS, as well as the needs of the growing number of sufferers. Recent findings from Pew Research Center indicate that “television remains a common place for Americans to get their news, with local TV on par with or outpacing cable and network TV.” Additionally, many of these stations are syndicated, broadening the reach of each individual broadcast.

A special and heartfelt thank you to Dr. Rowe and Cynthia for participating in this media tour on behalf of Solve M.E. — your expertise, dedication, and warmth allowed us to amplify our #HowLong? battlecry.

In August, Solve M.E. launched our “How Long?” campaign to broaden awareness of Long Covid and serve as an umbrella effort that includes ME/CFS and other post-infection diseases. To date, the PSA has reached a combined TV and radio audience of over 170 million, airing over 35 million times nationwide.

We’re excited to continue expanding the reach of this campaign. Together, we can bring wide attention to the desperate need for research, treatments and cures.

Visit to engage with and support our campaign, and help make our “How Long?” PSA go viral!

Raising Our Voices Together

No one should suffer alone. Solve is helping millions of people with ME/CFS, Long Covid and other post-infection diseases. Join us today and your gift will be matched!  All gifts made by November 30 will be matched up to $300,000! Help us make breakthroughs possible.

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