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Solve M.E. Brings the Big Data Revolution to ME/CFS research with You + ME Registry

You + ME is a patient registry and biobank for the ME/CFS community.

While Solve M.E. has long had a registry and biobank, we are transitioning to an interactive platform that will serve as a data hub for the ME/CFS community. You can help us bring the big data revolution to ME/CFS research

Join the You + ME movement!

Based on input from a range of ME/CFS patients and researchers, we’ve designed a rich, open data source through a process that is easy for people with ME/CFS to use. Participants will enter symptom data in web-based surveys and via a mobile health tracking app. Patients own their data and can opt-in to share it with researchers.

Our Vision:

To learn more about Solve M.E.’s You + ME’s Biobank & Registry, watch our webinar “You + ME: A Community Resource, Built by the Community.” In it, Solve M.E.’s Chief Scientific Officer, Sadie Whittaker, PhD, discusses building a resource that is reflective of the priorities of individuals with ME/CFS and responsive to their needs, empowering them to partner with a network of researchers and providers to find solutions.

For questions, contact Allison Ramiller, at

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