Solve Advocacy Efforts Yield Another Victory!

Solve Advocacy Efforts Yield Another Victory! CDMRP Program at Department of Defense Announces $13.1M Grant for Long Covid Research

Solve is dedicated to opening new funding avenues for ME/CFS, Long Covid, and post-infection disease research and care. To that end, we’ve specifically advocated with Congress for ME/CFS and Long Covid to be included in Department of Defense (DoD) Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP), which provide funding to support therapeutic research related to medical threats, and treatments for Service Members in current and future battlefield settings.

We’re excited to share that our ongoing efforts with Congress have continued to yield big wins! 

This week, we learned that BioVie was awarded an incredible $13.1 million grant from the DOD to evaluate Bezisterim (NE3107) for the treatment of Long Covid. This is one of the largest CDMRP awards ever for a clinical trial.

Bezisterim, an anti-inflammatory and insulin-sensitizer that permeates the blood brain barrier, could represent a novel oral treatment targeting an underlying cause of Long Covid symptoms.

According to a press release, the preliminary plans for the Phase 2b, randomized (1:1), placebo-controlled, multicenter trial are to evaluate the safety and tolerability of 3 months of treatment with Bezisterim, along with its ability to reduce the neurological symptoms that are associated with long COVID, in approximately 200 patients.

Congratulations to BioVie for this incredible win for Long Covid research! 


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