Solve Together: Transition Guide for You + ME Participants

  • You + ME will transition to Solve Together in Fall 2023
  • The last day to log into You + ME is August 11, 2023
  • When Solve Together launches, you will receive an email with a personalized link to join
  • Solve Together will have many new features for patients and researchers

For information about how the transition to the new Solve Together platform will affect you, please find answers to frequently asked questions below.

We are unable to export individual participant data from You + ME. If you would like these data for your record or to share with your healthcare provider, we encourage you to take screenshots. Find instructions below:

  • To save a summary of your treatments and conditions answers, login to your You + ME account here. Select My Conditions or My Treatments from the menu bar.
    • For a computer:  press Ctrl+P (PC) or ⌘Command+P (Mac). A window will pop up where you can choose to either print the summary using your preferred printer or save it as a PDF.
    • From a Phone.  Press the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time and save your screenshot.
    • Click here for an example screenshot.

The Registry will remain open until August 11 to allow patients to capture these data. In Solve Together, participants will be able to easily generate reports to use at medical appointments and/or for their own awareness. 

Registrants will receive a personalized link to Solve Together and will be prompted with the same login email they used in the You + ME Registry. They will then be asked to provide a password.

Please let us know if your email has changed by emailing

The previous data you entered into the You + ME Registry as well as the You + ME app are valuable. These data will continue to be used in ongoing and future research.

Some of the survey questions we ask may be familiar to you from the You + ME Registry. We are asking them again so we can have the most up-to-date information.

While there may be some modest areas of overlap, wherever possible we have tried to avoid duplication. We will also ask new questions as well as repeat questions whose answers change over time.

August 11 is the last day registrants will be able to access You + ME to extract information on conditions and treatments before we shut it down.

However, we won’t collect any more data from you by this date.

You may choose to not use Solve Together. 

Most of the questions, surveys, and study visits are similar in content to the Y+M platform. However, they will be less frequent and will require less effort. We’ll also let you know the effort level for each survey so that you can plan ahead when you would like to contribute data. Items will be marked as low, medium, or high effort.

We are so excited that Solve Together has an integrated app with enhanced reporting features. However, symptom tracking data will not be transferred from You + ME to Solve Together. To give users time to transition their symptom tracking in Solve Together, we will wait to close the You + ME symptom tracking app until late 2023.