Introducing Solve M.E. Advocacy Month!

We are so excited to announce that next year’s Solve M.E. 2022 Advocacy Week will be bigger and better than ever — and will now be Advocacy Month!

For Advocacy Week in April 2021, we had more registrations than ever before, growing the strength and virtual presence of our community in the hallowed halls of Congress. Your voices inform and empower our advocacy efforts as we fight to make ME/CFS, Long Covid, and other post-infection diseases better understood, diagnosable, and treatable.

Advocacy Month 2022 will take place virtually throughout the month of May, kicking off Monday, May 2. Stay tuned for a calendar of events, featuring dedicated weeks for House and Senate meetings, and all-new weekly wrap-up social events to keep you informed and connected with your fellow advocates.

We heard you! We’ve incorporated your feedback into next year’s planning. This new month-long event format will also allow us to have:

  • More rest days and breaks
  • More training events

Director of Advocacy and Community Relations and  President and CEO Oved Amitay announce Advocacy Month

We’re thrilled to team up with you again and make a real impact in Washington, DC. Your gift today will help us make Advocacy Month bigger and better than ever in 2022. Please donate now to raise the voices of our community in the halls of power!

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