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Autoimmune Encephalopathy Secondary to Infectious Disease: A New Perspective on the Pathogenetic Interaction of the Immune System, Infection, Stress and Chronic Disease

February 9, 2022 - February 11, 2022

From the conference website:
“This landmark leadership conference is sponsored by Georgetown University and The Foundation for Total Recovery. Guest speakers from around the world will include distinguished specialists from Oxford, Columbia, Duke, and even the leading medical center in the Middle East—Sheba Medical Center in Israel. Plan to join us, as we have an exciting three days scheduled. This conference is a critical and long-overdue rethink of how we approach ME/CFS, neuropsychiatric disorders, PANS/PANDAS, chronic Lyme, fibromyalgia, and even long-haul COVID-19.

We believe the treatment of these diseases needs to be viewed through a different lens—that of immune dysregulation resulting in neuroinflammation. We have to give up our belief that these are standalone diseases—especially if we want the best outcomes for patients.

This is a radical paradigm shift, but we need it badly. We hope as practitioners, patients, and caregivers you will join us for this discussion as we discuss the future of diagnostic, treatment, and recovery for these patients.
The goals of this conference are three-fold:

First, we will explore the role of genetic and epigenetic factors that predispose an individual for immune dysregulation.

Secondly, we will analyze the current evidence for infection-mediated immune dysregulation as it relates to Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, neuropsychiatric illnesses, Post-Lyme syndrome, PANS/PANDAS, and the post COVID-19 long haul syndrome (Long Covid).

Thirdly, we will examine current and new diagnostic testing procedures and treatment options for these conditions.”

Solve M.E. will host a virtual booth at this event. Please stop by to say hello!

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