Ampligen: A General Overview and the Plan for ME/CFS & Long Covid


For the second installment in our clinical diagnostics and treatments webinar series, Solve M.E. welcomes two leaders from bio-pharma company AIM ImmunoTech to discuss their plans for clinical studies of their investigational drug Ampligen, in ME/CFS and Long Covid. In addition, Drs. Lapp and Gottschalk will share insights from real-world use of Ampligen to treat […]

Autoimmune Encephalopathy Secondary to Infectious Disease: A New Perspective on the Pathogenetic Interaction of the Immune System, Infection, Stress and Chronic Disease

From the conference website: "This landmark leadership conference is sponsored by Georgetown University and The Foundation for Total Recovery. Guest speakers from around the world will include distinguished specialists from Oxford, Columbia, Duke, and even the leading medical center in the Middle East—Sheba Medical Center in Israel. Plan to join us, as we have an […]

Using Data Analysis to Study ME/CFS and Long Covid: Session 2


We expanded our Ramsay Grant Program in 2021 by launching the new Stupski Awards, which support research using data from the Registry. These webinars feature the 2021 Stupski Award recipients, Efthymios Kalafatis and Jennifer Stone, PhD, who will discuss their research and answer your questions. Jennifer Stone, PhD Australian National University Dr. Stone will discuss her Stupski-supported […]

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