Solve M.E.’s $500k Double Your Money Challenge closed 6/30/22, but those wishing to donate can still access our form below.

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Solve M.E. relies on the generous support of patients, family members, and friends to sustain our important work. When you support us, you stand united with thousands of like-minded people who understand the devastation of these diseases.

If you would prefer to give your donation to Solve ME/CFS Initiative via check, please mail it to:

Solve ME/CFS Initiative
350 N Glendale Avenue
Suite B #368
Glendale, CA 91206

Tax ID Number: 56-1683450

For more information, contact:
Solve M.E. Development Department
(704) 364-0016 Ext 207

Please note that, due to transaction costs, the minimum cash donation amount accepted is $5.00.