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Carmen Scheibenbogen

“Autoimmune Signature in ME/CFS”
PI: Carmen Scheibenbogen, MD
Charité—Universitätsmedizin Berlin in Germany

Immune dysregulation has been regularly described in studies of ME/CFS, and there is substantial evidence for at least a subset of patients with an autoimmune cause of the disease. Dr. Carmen Scheibenbogen (MD), a researcher at Charité University in Berlin, has emerged as a major player in pursuit of this hypothesis. In an article in Autoimmunity Reviews, she and her Ramsay project collaborator, Franziska Sotzny (PHD), outline evidence for autoimmune mechanisms in the disease. In this study, Dr. Scheibenbogen’s team compared autoimmune genetic and cellular traits in ME/CFS patients. Their Ramsay pilot study provided first evidence of a genetic signature and the researchers aim to assemble a larger study cohort to complete a confirmatory study.

Major Ramsay goals fulfilled:  

✓ Keeping researchers engaged in the field. Dr. Scheibenbogen has become a prolific researcher in defining the role of autoimmunity and infectious-onset in ME/CFS. The Ramsays have provided seed funding to support her work over two cycles of the program.


Dr. Carmen Scheibenbogen (pictured center) reviewing data with Dr. Franziska Sotzny (upper left), a postdoctoral student


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