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The time to solve Long Covid is NOW!

If you or a loved one are struggling with Long Covid, more than likely you have been crying out for scientists to find a cure.

Due to the pandemic, our organization has received more requests for research grants than ever in our 36 year history. This is great news. But, only if we can fund this crucial work.

We are the Solve Long Covid Initiative. We are a part of the leading nonprofit dedicated to supporting key research into solving Long Covid and other post infection illnesses, both by funding scientists directly and by influencing government spending.

Yes, I’d like to help make Long Covid no longer.

Below are just some of the research scientists who have already relied on our donor support:

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Rob Wüst, PhD

Micro-clots, Skeletal Muscle Pain and Post-Exertional Malaise in Patients with Long Covid: From Pathophysiology to Treatment

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Dana Yelin, MD MPH

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP), Non-invasive Approach to Treat Long Covid Fatigue

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Aaron Ring, MD, PhD

Discovery of Pathological Autoantibodies in ME/CFS and Long Covid

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Heather Edgell, PhD

Physiological and Cognitive Function in Patients with PASC or ME Before and After
Inspiratory Muscle Training

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Jennifer Stone, PhD

ME/CFS and Long Covid: Are They the Same Condition?


Please Help Us Continue This Crucial Work

Donate now so that the answer to “How Long?” is sooner rather than later.

Maybe another time. I’d like to explore other ways to get involved and learn more about Long Covid and available resources.

The Solve Long Covid Initiative

Solve M.E., a non-profit that launched the Solve Long Covid Initiative, has served as a catalyst for critical research into post-infection diseases for decades. The global pandemic has given rise to the latest widespread post-infection disease, Long Covid. In response to this devastating health crisis, Solve M.E. has initiated important Long Covid efforts:

  • Funded research grants to study Long Covid

  • We led the fight that helped secure from Congress the highest dollar commitment to post-infection diseases in U.S. history and continue to champion new legislation

  • Launched a national multi-media public service announcement (How Long?) to generate awareness

  • Co-founded the Long Covid Alliance

  • Developed the Long Covid Registry to facilitate the collection of research data


If you or someone you love is living with and managing Long Covid, we know you have questions. Below are links to information about some of our most commonly asked questions.

Stay in the know about Long Covid.

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