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Watch Now! The Effects of Long Covid and ME/CFS on Sleep

Many individuals who have had COVID-19 experience long-term symptoms that have a major impact on their lives. One of the most common symptoms is sleep disturbance. After more than six months from the time of infection, about 60% of people self-report lingering sleep difficulties, even if they had a mild course of acute COVID-19. Unrefreshing sleep is also part of the diagnostic criteria for ME/CFS, along with other overlapping symptoms such as post-exertional malaise (PEM) or “brain fog.”

To probe deeper into the topic of sleep, Solve hosted a webinar on the Effects of Long Covid and ME/CFS on Sleep, featuring SleepScore Lab’s neuroscientist, Dr. Elie Gottlieb. The presentation covers a range of topics including:

The connection between Long Covid, ME/CFS, and sleep disturbances.

The neurological and cognitive aspects of sleep and how brain changes/disruptions may be bi-directionally associated with Long Covid and ME/CFS.

Unrefreshing sleep vs. quality sleep and why people with ME/CFS or Long COVID might experience the former.

The evidence-based methods to improve sleep and how SleepScore Lab’s improvement program addresses them.

Watch the webinar here or below, and view the slide deck here.

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