Solve at the NASEM Workshop: ME/CFS, Advocacy and Patient-Driven Data Platforms

The National Academies Forum on Microbial Threats and Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders (NASEM) hosted a hybrid public workshop in June 2023 to explore opportunities to advance research and treatment of infection-associated chronic illnesses. 

Solve was represented by former CEO Oved Amitay, who gave a presentation on the ME/CFS community and the importance of advocacy and patient-driven data platforms like our real-world data platform Solve Together.

In “Toward a Common Research Agenda in Infection-Associated Chronic Illnesses: A Workshop to Examine Common, Overlapping Clinical and Biological Factors,” the overlapping mechanisms  and symptoms of COVID-19,ME/CFS, persistent or post treatment Lyme disease syndrome (PTLDS), and multiple sclerosis (MS) were discussed, as was the fact that all have been inadequately researched. 

Recognizing these commonalities, the speakers identified the need to advance research more comprehensively, translating to improved diagnostic and treatment options for patients across multiple conditions.   

Read the pre publication report on the workshop proceedings in its entirety here.

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