Medical Education and Awareness

Our mission is to make ME/CFS widely understood, diagnosable, and treatable.

A key component to improving the lives of people with ME/CFS is to fight the stigma and change the narrative of this devastating and misunderstood disease. SMCI seeks to take advantage of every opportunity to raise awareness and educate others, especially researchers, scientists, political leaders, and healthcare providers.
Learn more about the hallmark free public education program provided by SMCI – Solve ME/CFS Initiative’s webinar series


Here you can find a selection of SMCI’s efforts for medical education and awareness.

Science and Medical Conference Presentations

The Solve ME/CFS Initiative attends and presents dozens of conferences to bring

Media Cultivation

SMCI actively seeks media partnerships to help tell the stories of people with ME/CFS and raise awareness of the disease.

  • The May 2019 issue of Health magazine features Carol Head in an article on invisible illness titled, “What No One Sees.
  • MS. magazine features 6 page feature story on ME/CFS in partnership with SMCI
  • SMCI facilitates significant coverage of ME/CFS in a two-part series aired nationally on the “White House Chronicle
  • Carol Head was honored as a health hero in Oprah’s “O” magazine

Public Awareness Efforts

When possible, SMCI embarks upon campaigns to bring the facts about ME/CFS to the general public.

  • With the support of a generous donor, this ad ran in Times Square for three months with a reach of up to 85 million
  • In conjunction with the ad, SMCI filmed the impact with this “Streets of New York” video series
  • SMCI took part in the #MillionsMissing rallies across the country including Chicago, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Washington DC.
  • SMCI was an official partner of the #TimeForUnrest campaign to increase the impact and visibility of the Sundance award-winning documentary film Unrest

Supporting Expert Education Efforts

The Solve ME/CFS Initiative always stands ready to assist other experts and clinicians in their efforts to share their knowledge and improve conditions for people with ME/CFS.

  • SMCI supported the publication of a new ME/CFS Pediatric Primer co-written by Dr. Peter Rowe, Rosemary A. Underhill, Kenneth J. Friedman, Alan Gurwitt, Marvin S. Medow, Malcolm S. Schwartz, Nigel Speight, Julian M. Stewart, Rosamund Vallings, and Katherine S. Rowe
  • SMCI joins our friends at Simmaron Research and Open Medicine Foundation for key events
  • The SMCI Webinar Series seeks to make available the latest and most accurate information to everyone