The Ramsay Award Program Has Three Main Objectives:

INVEST in original ideas that could clarify the onset, progression, root causes, and natural history of ME/CFS.

CREATE permissive environments to attract, support, and retain talent in the ME/CFS community and help awardees generate relevant data to compete for long-term federal funding.

FACILITATE collaboration and cross-pollination among dedicated researchers through the sharing of resources and access to additional programming and the organization’s network.



Meet the Winning Research Teams


Team 1 (US)

Jarred Younger – University of Alabama at Birmingham

Read the Abstract: Advanced Non-Invasive Analysis in ME/CFS Diagnosis and Treatment Decisions



Team 2 (UK/AU)

Geraldine Cambridge – University College London

Fane Mensah– University College London

Chris Armstrong- University of Melbourne

Read the Abstract: Metabolic Analysis of B-Cell Maturation in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Team 3 (US)

Isabel Barao-Silvestre – University of Nevada Reno

Ruben Dagda – University of Nevada Reno

Victor Darley-Usmar – University of Alabama at Birmingham

Read the Abstract: The Bioenergetic Health Index of NK Cells as a Diagnostic Tool for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Team 4 (Germany)

Carmen Scheibenbogen – Charite University Medicine Berlin

Madlen Lobel – Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin

Read the Abstract: Autoimmune Signature in CFS/ME


Team 5 (Germany)

Bhupesh Prusty – Julius Maximilian University of Wurzburg

Read the Abstract: HHV-6 Mediated Mitochondrial Modulation and Its Association to ME/CFS