Solve ME/CFS Initiative Research Programs

Leading Global ME/CFS Research by Putting Patients at the Center

A the Solve ME/CFS Initiative, we have a deep and longstanding commitment to this disease. Despite our modest budgets, we were the first to fund research into epidemiology, viral causes, immunology, neuroimaging, exercise physiology and the autonomic nervous system.

Our Research Institute Without Walls allows us to fund the brightest researchers from the best institutions, without the cost of a bricks and mortar institute. We have fostered an innovative and collaborative environment.

Our SolveCFS BioBank provides the means for patients to participate in research without leaving their homes, broadening the base of patients studied.

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There is a big gap in the ME/CFS research pipeline that moves basic laboratory research and discoveries into safe and effective treatments.  Think of it like railroad tracks that stop at the edge of a canyon … Without a bridge to bring these remarkable discoveries to the clinic, laboratory research rarely becomes more than a science paper.

The Solve ME/CFS Initiative’s (SMCI) research program is aimed at bridging this gap and providing the means for basic researchers to move their discoveries through the pipeline. In 2012 we launched the Research Institute Without Walls (RIWW) – our translational research program.


Under the RIWW, we have a number of programs that engage patients, caregivers, researchers and physicians in the research process, including:

SolveCFS BioBank
The SolveCFS BioBank is a popular way for ME/CFS patients to actively participate in research from anywhere in the world.

Innovative Drug Repurposing
Teaching old drugs new tricks… We are funding research to identify new applications  for existing, approved therapies. Working with pharma and biotech companies we are identifying drugs we already know work in one way that we think may have application for ME/CFS.

Strategic Research Investment
Since 1987, SMCI has been the largest private funder of ME/CFS research. We have directly funded or leveraged more than $12 million in ME/CFS research studies in the past 5 years alone, all aimed at accelerating progress toward accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of ME/CFS.

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