Why Long-COVID?

The Long COVID Alliance is a coalition of different complex, chronic, disease organizations who have come together to pool our resources. Each group is bringing along their expertise as well as their connections with patient advocates, disease experts, drug developers, and more.

The top three symptoms of Long COVID are the top three symptoms of ME/CFS, and many Long COVID patients fit the diagnostic criteria for ME/CFS. 

At Solve M.E., we have been contacted by people diagnosed with ME/CFS after getting COVID-19. We are fighting for those new community members just as fiercely as we fight for our existing community members. 

Since this issue has a direct impact on our community, it’s important that all of our voices are heard in the rooms where Long COVID responses are discussed. As these other organizations have the same goal, we are pooling our resources to amplify that voice. If we don’t work together, we may risk having ME/CFS drowned out by competing priorities for funding. We see this as a way to get additional resources to study ME/CFS (by comparing to Long COVID).

We are still devoting all of our energies and resources towards ME/CFS, and we heartily support other organizations and coalitions who are in this fight with us.

In the video below, Solve M.E. President and CEO Oved Amitay explains why Solve is working on the issue of Long COVID:

For more information, visit our COVID-19 and ME/CFS Information Center and  LongCOVIDAlliance.org.