Watch Now! Empowerment in the Doctor’s Office: Overcoming White Coat Syndrome

We are so excited to share with you “Overcoming White Coat Syndrome” the first part of our EmPOWER M.E. Program. THREE years in the making, the EmPOWER M.E. program is a step towards accomplishing our dream – that no family ever has to learn “the hard way” on their journey with M.E.

This past April, Solve M.E. launched our EmPOWER M.E. initiative in Washington D.C. The EmPOWER M.E. Roundtable was livestreamed for those too sick to join us in person.

Empowerment in the Doctor’s Office: Overcoming White Coat Syndrome was moderated by Board Certified Patient Advocate, Sharon Stevenson, DVM, PhD. Panelists included Dr. Nancy Klimas (ME/CFS clinician and researcher, Director of the Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine, Nova Southeastern University), Dr. Camille Birch (Ramsay Award Program researcher and person with M.E., Genome Analyst, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology), and Dr. Eric Braun (caregiver, partner, and M.E. Advocate).

You can watch it here now:

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