The Ramsay Award Program

2019 application open May 1st – June 30th

The Solve M.E. Ramsay Award Program, initiated in 2016, funds pilot studies into myalgic encephalomyelitis (formerly known as chronic fatigue syndrome, or ME/CFS). Through the Ramsay Program, Solve M.E. invests in studies into the etiology of ME/CFS led by diverse researchers, with a particular emphasis on engaging young investigators and researchers new to the field.

Each grant award typically ranges between $35,000 and $55,000 for a one-year period, with the possibility of renewal for projects yielding promising results. Submitted proposals will be subject to a double-blind peer review process in order to ensure that only applications of the highest merit are selected.

Ramsay 2019 marks the fourth cycle of the program and we are at a very pivotal moment at both this juncture in the Program and the ME/CFS research landscape as a whole. The broad scientific domains of immunology, metabolism, the microbiome, genetics, and neurology are central to ME/CFS research, but a lack of researchers working on the disease remains a major barrier to progress; a fact that was recently emphasized by experts in the field at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) “Accelerating Research on ME/CFS” gathering. We aim to make 2019 the largest group of investigators ever funded through the Ramsay Program by supporting at least 10 scientifically-rigorous studies and carving out funding for at least one collaborative proposal across two or more labs.

2019 Instructions and Scope (DOWNLOAD available May 1)

Application components:

2019 Main Application Template (DOWNLOAD)
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2019 Budget Template (DOWNLOAD)

To apply for a Ramsay Award please submit your application to by
June 30, 2019

Questions and inquiries regarding the Ramsay Award Program should be directed to Allison Ramiller, Director of Research Programs, at

Toolkit available May 1