Healthy Control Subjects Needed

We need help from patients enrolled in the SolveCFS BioBank to recruit appropriate control subjects. DonateNow03As you may know, the testing of matched controls is important for many different research study designs. We are seeking to enroll individuals in generally good health that meet the following critieria:

  • be in general good health
  • not have an alcohol or substance abuse problem
  • not be pregnant, within three months of delivery or nursing

Control subjects will have to go through the same process as patients to enroll in the SolveCFS BioBank. They will be:

  • informed about the BioBank
  • asked to give written consent to participate
  • sent a kit containing the blood collection tubes, cheek tissue collection swab and instructions
  • asked to complete confidential questionnaires about their health history

Think about asking neighbors, friends, parents of children’s friends, people in your worship congregation, (former) co-workers or spouse’s co-workers. We recognize that this is a relatively big favor to ask, but many people support medical research and few have the opportunity to participate in it directly. Consider this opportunity as one that might spur more interest in your condition and help strengthen and/or broaden your circle of support. People who engage in research being done on CFS will have a “stake” in it and your well-being!

If someone indicates an interest, please provide them with our sheet titled, “Information for Prospective Controls” and/or refer them to our BioBank Coordinator, Gloria Smith at 704-362-2343 or You can also refer them to our website,, for more information.

Thank you for supporting the SolveCFS BioBank and research!

Reflects information as of June 15, 2010