Solve Me/CFS Initiative Science and Discovery

Taking a Comprehensive approach to Solving ME/CFS

Solve Me/CFS Initiative’s comprehensive Science and Discovery Plan spans every phase of the discovery process. Our goal is to advance innovative research and identify the underlying causes of ME/CFS, develop safe and effective treatments, and find a cure.

Filling Knowledge Gaps Through Original Research

An at-a-glance overview of SMCI-directed projects, the Ramsay Award Program, and our Patient-scientist Partnership Program.

We design and invest in innovative scientific studies to address severe knowledge gaps in ME/CFS. Priority areas include the fields of bioenergetics, neuroendocrine biology, and inflammation and immunity. Our partners in these pursuits are leading experts in ME/CFS or are newly applying their scientific expertise to the field. SMCI has developed a portfolio of investments at some of the most prestigious medical centers and research laboratories in the United States and abroad.

*Patient-scientist Partnership Program