SMCI Participates in Simmaron Research Convening

Dr. Nahle visited Incline Village near Lake Tahoe as a guest of Dr. and Mrs. Dan Peterson. The trip included meetings with Dr. Peterson at the Simmaron Offices (pictured above) as well as a series of productive sessions with Simmaron’s Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Nahle met with Dr. Jan Armstrong (Board Chair), Jason Green (Chief Financial Officer), Courtney Miller (Board member), Gunnar Gottschalk (Simmaron scientist), as well as Drs. Konstance Knox and Mady Hornig of the scientific board at the Simmaron Research foundation offices and other venues in Lake Tahoe. This was an opportunity to evaluate current affairs, discuss scientific and clinical projects, and lay the groundwork for the next phase of collaborations in 2018, towards creating value in the disease space.

Of note, Incline Village was the site of a major ME/CFS outbreak in the mid-80s. Dr. Peterson, a leading authority in ME/CFS, was the physician evaluating cases and sounded the alarm about these serious and mysterious medical conditions. He has been dedicated to the care of patients and advancement of ME/CFS research for more than a quarter of a century.

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