SMCI Interviews Musician, ME Patient Stuart Murdoch

The Solve ME/CFS Initiative recently caught up with Stuart Murdoch, lead singer of the band Belle and Sebastian, while he was in Los Angeles performing as part of a world tour. Belle and Sebastian is an indie band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band just released its ninth album, “Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance,” in January 2015.

In the interview, Murdoch talks openly about his experience with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which left him bedridden for several years. Murdoch says it was when he was bedridden that he discovered his ability to write songs and that the songwriting served as a foothold for him as he climbed out of the worst part of the illness.

Murdoch also admits to feeling guilty that he has not been public about having the disease before now. He said that his recent relapse—brought on by the birth of his first child two years ago—forced him to be open about the disease with his bandmates and the public. He’s grateful now for the opportunity to spread awareness of the ME internationally.