SMCI Discovery Forum 2017

On October 14, 2017, the Solve ME/CFS Initiative gathered preeminent leaders from research centers, federal health agencies, ME/CFS clinics, and the biopharmaceutical industry in Washington DC to participate in SMCI’s Second Annual Discovery Forum. Fifteen presentations explored pressing topics in ME/CFS, including, the scope of its disease pathophysiology, biomarker discovery, the application of novel technologies, patient registries, medical education, and ways to drive forward the ME/CFS agenda, nationally and worldwide – and much more. Notably, the Forum occurred on the threshold of exciting developments in ME/CFS collaboration and research. Among the speakers were the lead investigators of the new NIH grants funding the creation of Collaborative Research Centers (CRCs) and a Data Management and Coordination Center (DMCC). The Forum was incredibly timely and reflective of broader momentum, and served to powerfully drive forward the collaboration and novel thinking needed to advance the goal of solving this complex disease.

The Presenters

Presenters of Discovery Forum 2017 (from left to right): Carol Head, SMCI; Dr. Peter Rowe, Johns Hopkins; Dr. Vicky Whittemore, NIH; Dr. Susan Levine, Former CFSAC Chair; Dr. Ken Blount, Rebiotix; Dr. Charles Lapp, Hunter-Hopkins Center; Dr. Becky McNeil (Dr. Rick Williams not pictured), RTI International; Dr. Nancy Klimas, Nova University; Dr. Dan Peterson, Sierra Internal Medicine; Dr. Elizabeth Unger, CDC; Dr. Zaher Nahle, SMCI; Dr. Ralph Garippa, MSKCC; Dr. Cindy Bateman, Bateman Horne Center; Dr. Ian Lipkin, Columbia University; Dr. Maureen Hanson, Cornell Universty; and Dr. Derya Unutmaz, Jackson Laboratory.

Discovery Forum Videos

Discovery Forum Materials

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Discovery Forum Photos

SMCI’s Chief Scientific Officer and VP for Research, Dr. Zaher Nahle, providing opening remarks, seated next to Drs. Nancy Klimas (Nova Southeastern University) and Ian Lipkin (Columbia University).

Dr. Rick Williams of RTI International provides an overview of RTI’s collaborative vision for the NIH DMCC.

Drs. Derya Unutmaz (JAX), Peter Rowe (Johns Hopkins Medicine), Ralph Garippa (MSKCC), Sue Levine (Levine Clinic NYC), and Ken Blount (Rebiotix).

Members of the SMCI Board of Directors, Steve Curry, Beth Garfield, Mike Atherton, and SMCI Board Chair John Nicols take in the presentations.