SMCI continues to present ME/CFS to research leaders

SMCI Chairs Panel Dedicated to ME/CFS at Precision Medicine Worldwide Conference (PMWC 17, Silicon Valley)

One of the goals of the Solve ME/CFS Initiative is to entice new researchers to study ME/CFS. To work toward this goal, SMCI brought the plight of ME/CFS onto the world stage late in January at the 2017 Precision Medicine Worldwide Conference (PMWC) in Silicon Valley, CA. SMCI presented an hour-long session on ME/CFS. The session’s title, “ME/CFS: The Mysterious Illness Science Has Yet to Unravel,” is a nod to National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins and his statement, “Of the many mysterious human illnesses that science has yet to unravel, ME/CFS has proven to be one of the most challenging.” Presenting at PMWC was an investment in the ecosystem of ME/CFS, as we were able to educate the heavy hitters in medical research in order to actively draw new scientists into the field.

Dr. Zaher Nahle chaired this hour-long session addressing a range of pressing issues in ME/CFS. Panelists included Carol Head (SMCI) and Dr. Andy Kogelnik (OMI).

PMWC is the leading forum for personalized medicine with over 8,500 attendees, mostly the who’s who in the biotech industry and academic research. This year’s program included many prominent figures including Dr. Keith Yamamoto (UCSF). For most attendees, we believe this was their first exposure to ME/CFS.

30th Anniversary Genetic Alliance: The Official Alliance of Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers  #CoCreateHealth

zaher1 allianceThis time to Bethesda, Maryland for the 30th Anniversary Genetic Alliance Conference. He spent his time at the conference raising awareness about our disease and sharing the plight of ME/CFS with this international assembly of stakeholders and influencers in science, policy, and medicine. Through a new partnership with the Alliance, the Solve ME/CFS Initiative was able to make ME/CFS part of the meeting agenda this year and focus a bright spotlight on a global platform. The conference was also an opportunity to meet briefly with NIH director, Dr. Francis Collins, who was also in attendance. “One size does not fit all…One medicine certainly does not fit all,” Adolph Falcón, presenter of “Blinded by Stereotypes: Focused on the Individual.”

Bringing the ME/CFS cause to the upcoming International meeting of PMWC 2017 In May  at Duke ; Dr. Nahle chairs a panel dedicated to ME/CFS. Participants include Dr. Komaroff and SCMI Board member and biotech CEO John Nicols


Next month, Dr. Nahle will again take the podium to chair the second dedicated ME/CFS panel discussion at a research conference this year. This time, Dr. Nahle will be joined by  Dr. Anthony Komaroff, professor and senior physician at Harvard Medical School, and John Nicols, President and CEO of a leading Silicon Valley biotech company, Codexis Inc. The conference features opening remarks from North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Chancellor and CEO A. Eugene Washington of Duke University, and a presentation from Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health.

Invest in ME International ME Conference 2017


The 12th Annual Invest in ME international research conference is a platform for the latest and most promising biomedical research into ME/CFS. Participants will include researchers, clinicians, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, healthcare professionals, and patient groups from twenty countries around the world including our president, Carol Head and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Zaher Nahle. Our team will be participating in this year’s Biomedical Research Colloquium, “Mainstreaming ME Research” to discuss the data from our SMCI Directed Research programs and biobank projects.