Return On Your Investment: Sanjay Shukla, PhD

Sanjay-Shukla-300x230Principal Investigator: Sanjay Shukla, PhD

Institution: Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation


  • Steve Yale, MD: Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
  • Dane Cook, PhD: University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Dan Frank, PhD: University of Colorado

Project Title: Metagenomics approach to study CFS patients

Objective: Determine if there is an altered ratio of gut commensal and pathogenic bacteria in CFS and if exercise increases microbe translocation to cause post-exertion symptoms.

Study design for Dr. Shukla’s project

  • Secured supplementary funding of from Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison to expand sample size.
  • Due to its strict entry criteria and the challenging study protocol, this study took longer than expected to recruit subjects. But the samples have been collected and now the data is being analyzed.

What has the Association’s support meant to your research?

Dr. Shukla: “I am really excited to explore the potential role of the gut microbiome in explaining some aspects of CFS and I thank the CFIDS Association for funding this exciting project. Several recent research studies have suggested a role for the gut microbiome in modulating chronic diseases from diabetes to obesity to ulcerative colitis. With awareness of those findings, I am really excited to explore the potential role of the gut microbiome, especially gut permeability, in explaining at least some aspects of CFS.”