Return on Your Investment: Bud Mishra, PhD

Bud-in-NYC-300x240Principal Investigator: Bud Mishra, PhD 

Institution: New York University

Collaborator: Eric Aslakson, MS

Project Title: Translate science to a cure for CFIDS

Objective: To build a knowledgebase for CFS that combines published literature with experimental data.

Preliminary Outcomes:

Creation of a digital library of 250,000 full-text articles on CFS, 14 commonly co-occurring conditions of CFS and relevant biomedical literature to help decipher CFS pathophysiology.


  •  Metamorphosis: the coming transformation of translational systems biology, Queue, 7(9):40–52, ACM, 2009. Link:
  •  Reverse engineering dynamic temporal models of biological processes and their relationships, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 107(28):12511–6, 2010. Link:

What has the Association’s support meant to your research?

Dr. Mishra: “The main focus of this research program was to develop novel ‘systems biological’ tools focusing on understanding the causes of CFS. The NYU tools can be categorized into two groups: tools that generate novel hypotheses using data on how various genomics and related information vary over time and how they differ from patient and patient (the subject of a student’s PhD thesis); and tools that filter known hypotheses about the progression of the disease by data-mining the published literature. By using principled and rigorous approaches, such tools identify causal bases of CFS that go beyond anecdotal explanations of the syndrome. Since the results can be visualized on a computer, researchers thus have the ability to further examine the most significant hypotheses carefully and design new studies. In this way, the NYU team’s research has enabled the CFS community to move into the state-of-the-art genomics and systems biology arena, which would not have been possible without the Association’s funding.”