Leonard Jason, PhD

Leonard A. Jason, Ph.D.
DePaul University
Center for Community Research

Dr. Jason is using the clinical data in the SolveCFS BioBank to validate a revised version of the Canadian clinical criteria (CCC) with a well-characterized sample of patients with ME/CFS. The DePaul Symptom Questionnaire (DSQ) is a self-report measure that provides explicit scoring rules for assessing the presence of core ME/CFS symptoms required by the CCC. It is hoped that this operationalization of the CCC will increase the reliability of the criteria by reducing criterion variance. A validation of the DSQ with a well-characterized sample of patients will promote more widespread use of this diagnostic tool in both clinical and research settings. Given that the standard case definition of CFS has been criticized as vague and lacking specific guidelines, and an attempt to operationalize these criteria has been contentious, the need for a new approach is evident. These revised CCC criteria will allow investigators in different settings to identify more homogenous samples of patients, and this more standardized approach to patient identification will increase the likelihood of reliable detection of biomarkers across samples.tion